Home Staging Before and After

Home Staging Before and After

  • Colleen Gustavson Brownell
  • 08/1/23

Before and After examples of home staging by The Local Group.

We are true believers of home staging and the saying "you can only make a first impression once" which is why we offer complimentary interior design and staging services for all of our listings . We want our clients properties to look their absolute best to all prospective buyers the first moment it hits the market. Read on to learn what we did "behind the scenes" to get these properties ready for photos and showings!

In this Leesburg condo, we used the owner's existing bed only - everything else is from our staging inventory - furniture, rugs, lamps, accessories.  I love the repetition of the tree in the corner and the tree in the painting above the couch.

Home Staging Before And After Leesburg, Virginia


In this Clifton estate home, we used many of the owner's beautiful antiques and furniture - But as you can see, we re-arranged the couch, added pillows to couch, removed items to "lighten" the feel, we added a blue bench from our inventory and accessories to soften the vibe.

Home Staging Before And After - Clifton, Virginia


In this Ashburn townhouse, we helped the homeowner select neutral paint color for the walls and new lighting fixtures. In the living room pictured below, we removed all of the homeowner's furniture and furnishings and everything in the after photo is from our inventory - What a transformation!

Home Staging Before And After in Ashburn, Virginia


In this Leesburg condo, we removed all of the owner's furniture and furnishings - everything in the after photo is from our staging inventory. Using a table and chairs to define the "dining room" was a huge improvement.

Home Staging Before And After Leesburg Condo


In this Leesburg townhouse bedroom, we used the owner's furniture, only changing the bed linens to more neutral palette.  We added lamps, pillows, and artwork!

Home Staging Before And After Leesburg Townhouse


In this Leesburg townhouse bedroom, we "leaned into" the pink! We added a bed, lots of pillows,  tables, lamps and artwork from our inventory.


In this Clifton estate home with a 2 story living room, we kept the baby grand piano, we moved the large plant and we removed some of the home-owners furniture.  We added a white couch, pillows, ottoman coffee table and accessories! The room showed beautifully!


The Basics of Home Staging

Home staging involves preparing and presenting a property in a way that appeals to potential buyers, highlighting its best features and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Here are some basic strategies for home staging:

Declutter and Depersonalize

Remove personal items, excess furniture, and clutter from the property. A clean and clutter-free space allows buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

Clean and Repair

Ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned, including floors, windows, and fixtures. Make necessary repairs to any visible issues, such as leaky faucets or chipped paint.

Neutralize Decor

Use neutral color schemes for walls and furnishings. Neutral colors create a blank canvas that allows buyers to imagine their own style and preferences.

Furniture Arrangement

Arrange furniture to create a flow that showcases the property's layout and maximizes space. Avoid blocking walkways and highlighting functional areas like living rooms and dining areas.

Maximize Natural Light

Open curtains and blinds to let in natural light. Bright and well-lit spaces tend to feel more inviting and spacious.

Enhance Curb Appeal

The exterior is the first thing buyers see, so make sure the property's curb appeal is appealing. Clean the yard, trim bushes, and add potted plants or flowers to make a positive first impression.

Stage Key Rooms

Focus on staging the most critical rooms, such as the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms. These spaces have a significant impact on buyers' perceptions.

Use Furniture and Accessories

Incorporate tasteful furniture, artwork, and accessories that complement the style of the home. Aim for a balanced and cohesive look.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors can make rooms appear larger and reflect light, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Consider Traffic Flow

Ensure there's a clear and logical traffic flow throughout the property. Avoid overcrowding spaces and ensure buyers can move around freely.

Highlight Unique Features

If the property has standout features like a fireplace, built-in bookshelves, or large windows, make sure to highlight them during staging.

Freshen Up with Plants

Adding some fresh, green plants can bring life to a room and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Set the Dining Table

If there's a dining area, set the table with simple place settings to help buyers envision entertaining guests.

Appeal to the Senses

Appeal to buyers' senses by using subtle scents like freshly baked cookies or scented candles during open houses or showings.

Keep It Well-Maintained

Throughout the selling process, maintain the staging to ensure it remains appealing to potential buyers.

Remember that every property is unique, and these strategies can be adapted based on the specific features and target market of the home. Working with an experienced team like The Local Group can help ensure your success. Call us today for a free consultation!


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