Downtown Leesburg

These homes have paved sidewalks, well-kept yards, gorgeous landscaping, and many family-friendly amenities.

Welcome to Downtown Leesburg

A vibrant, active, and historical city in the heart of Hunt Country.
If you're looking for a charming and authentic small-town experience with roots steeped in American history, look no further than Downtown Leesburg. This town was established in 1758. It served as a haven for the government and its archives during the War of 1812. The beautiful and revitalized cobblestone sidewalks down the main streets make you feel you’ve stepped into another time. The area is also home to boutique shops, museums, and historical sites. Its amenities showcase why so many are eager to call this place home.
If you're looking for a gorgeous mountainside home with breathtaking views or prefer one of the quainter historic homes in the downtown area, there's something here for you. Also available in the area are several luxurious neighborhoods near downtown that offer custom-built modern houses. These homes have paved sidewalks, well-kept yards, gorgeous landscaping, and many family-friendly amenities. 

What to Love 

  • A beautiful and revitalized neighborhood
  • Active tight-knit community
  • Leesburg First Friday
  • Authentic small-town experience

Local Lifestyle

It's easy to see why Downtown Leesburg is such a popular area. It has a vibrant history, a diverse selection of boutique shops and restaurants, and an authentic and picturesque small-town charm. Residents enjoy the sense of community in all the neighborhoods with plenty of community space for gatherings and special events. The quintessential historic district's cobbled sidewalks exude charm, especially during Christmas. This gem of a town offers a mixture of old and new with everything from the charming downtown streets to the selection of housing options. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Downtown Leesburg is home to a variety of shopping and dining. You're guaranteed to fall in love with one of the many brick-and-mortar shops or new pop-ups in the area. Misguided Angels has all your women's clothing needs, while Very Virginia offers a selection of local goods ranging from gourmet food to history books on the area. 
Food lovers rejoice because downtown Leesburg has incredible selections sure to tantalize your taste buds. 
Fans of comfort food will love Buford's Biscuits. This charming restaurant offers simple and classic southern comfort food. Try the cathead biscuits, which take on an abundance of flavors with options that include Nashville hot chicken, creamy collards, seasonal jams, and more. 
Well-known for its elegant interior, Lightfoot is an exceptional fine dining establishment housed in an old bank building. That's not all it offers, though. Their gourmet menu showcases a list of seasonal American dishes using local ingredients. Fan favorites include choices like fried green tomatoes and "atomic" crab cakes.
A warm atmosphere promotes community and family gatherings. You will find that and more at Wine Kitchen. It's a go-to local option with good food and great wine. The seasonal, Italian-inspired menu is sure to ignite your taste buds and quickly make this one of your favorites.
Tuscarora Mill, or "Tuskie's" as the locals call it, showcases both exceptional food and history with its location built in a grain mill in 1899. The selection of gourmet food features fresh, seasonal produce and local flavors, which adds to the charm. 

Things to Do

If the vibrancy of Downtown Leesburg wasn't enough, there are plenty more opportunities for things to do in the area. 
First Friday is a favorite resident experience. It allows you to enjoy live music, art exhibits, wine tastings, children's activities, and much more while strolling the historic district. Happening the first Friday of every month, this will quickly become your favorite thing on your weekly calendar. 
The Flower & Garden Festival is another event you'll love and serves as a rite of spring in the area. This event has over 100 vendors, ranging from landscaping to plant sellers and outdoor furniture supplies. You'll also enjoy live music, a rooftop beer garden, children's activities, and much more. 
If you're a lover of the outdoors or equestrian, you'll enjoy experiencing Morven Park. This historic estate and horse park has over 1,000 acres of land holding the Davis Mansion, multiple museums, an equestrian center, numerous gardens to stroll, and miles of trails. 
Another beautiful park in the area is Ida Lee Park, the crown jewel of the Leesburg park system. This park is home to multiple playgrounds, picnic areas, soccer fields, community gardens, and the park gazebo, which serves as a gathering place for events.


Residents enjoy the exceptional Loudoun County Public Schools district. Students may attend:

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