Does Home Staging Really Work?

Does Home Staging Really Work?

  • Colleen Gustavson Brownell
  • 07/8/23

As a Realtor, one of the questions I'm often asked is, "Does Home Staging Really Work?"

My answer is a resounding "YES!"

Here at The Local Group, we believe so strongly in the value of staging that we offer FREE staging for each of our listings. This includes an in-home consultation with an interior designer to prescribe a plan for editing and removing certain items, followed by a staging installation. We use some/all/or none of the homeowners furniture - depending on the property and we always add from our inventory of staging artwork, accessories, linens, and furniture - the staging installation is performed by insured professional movers and the staging items arrive pristine from our climate controlled warehouse. Staged homes sell 88% faster and at up to a 20% higher price. Our staging services provide incredible value to the Seller. A typical home stage cost begins at $4,300 (for a 900 sqft one bedroom apartment) and increases rapidly for larger properties - most Realtors do not cover the expense of staging but rather have their clients pay for all staging expenses out of pocket.  Interested in learning more? Please get in touch!


One of our favorite staging success stories is a home that we recently listed for sale in Ashburn, Virginia. [CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE INTERIOR PHOTOS OF THE STAGE] The homeowner had beautiful furniture and the house was painted completely in neutrals so most of this stage involved removing items, re-arranging furniture, adding accessories, lamps, and artwork.  To demonstrate what a typical stage includes, we have included several photos and descriptions below each photo explaining what we did-  The images speak for themselves and the homeowners could not have been happier with the results. The stage helped the property sell quickly above list price with multiple offers!

In the family room, we added the 2 white swivel chairs, some of the pillows, mirror over the mantle, round tray on ottoman, the vase and branches all from our staging inventory - the other items were all the homeowners.

In the study, we added the baskets on the wall, the plant, the throw pillows and throw from our staging inventory, we re-arranged the homeowner's furniture, and we edited the items on the bookcases and flipped the spines of the books inward.

In the living room, we added the large sisal rug, the two white lamps, the throw pillows and throw and agave plant from our staging inventory. We re-arranged the furniture - which was all the homeowners furnishings.

In the kitchen, we added the black metal chairs from our staging inventory and we removed almost all of the items from the countertops.

In the bathroom, we added fresh white towels from our staging inventory, and the tall grass arrangement and removed all other items belonging to the homeowner.

In the primary bathroom, we did not add anything but we did remove all items from the countertops, shower, and floor mats. Coco Chanel was right, "LESS IS ALWAYS MORE."

Again, "Does home staging really work?" You bet it does! And the fact that we offer complimentary home staging to all of our sellers is just another great reason to choose The Local Group to sell your home.

 Does Home Staging Really Work?
 Does Home Staging Really Work?
 Does Home Staging Really Work?
 Does Home Staging Really Work?

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