Top Golf Loudoun – Best of Loudoun

Top Golf Loudoun – Best of Loudoun

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  • 08/15/22

One of the things we’ll be doing on the new website is helping our clients and friends discover the very best in dining, art, culture, and entertainment that Loudoun has to offer. We’re going to share our favorite experiences across the county. The honor of our first share goes to Top Golf Loudoun just because we had the drone in the air for a listing in Ashburn today. We thought we’d send it in for a bird’s eye view of one of our favorite fun spots.

In short, Top Golf Loudoun is a fantastic night of fun, even for those who aren’t passionate about golf. The venue is clean and modern. The service is always eager and friendly. The food is surprisingly good and the drink service does not disappoint. I like Top Golf Loudoun in the fall and winter when it’s too cold to be out on the course. The heated bays feature super comfortable couches. You can simply lounge with a cocktail and enjoy light fare, or grip it and rip it with a variety of fun golf games.

Top Golf Loudoun is great fun for the whole family or a gang of friends. But it also has just enough private ambiance for date night.

As its popularity continues to grow, sometimes the facility gets busy. I recommend you call ahead to reserve a bay.

Pro Tips

For dessert, indulge in the Injectable Donut Holes. You are served fresh warm cinnamon-sugar dusted donut holes, along with a syringe-like thing and your choice of two of three flavored creams: Chocolate, Raspberry Jelly (my personal favorite), or Bavarian Cream. Better still, for every order of Injectable Donut Holes, Top Golf makes a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation. So forget about the fact that this delicacy delivers about 1800 calories.


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